Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Aww Tuesday. Not quite middle of the week, thankfully not Monday. This week is slam city at work and I've been trying to keep calm...not going too well thus far. Also too and such, the holiday season has begun. Yup, lights, carols, crappy muzak and thousands of emails explaining that today's HOT DEAL is better than yesterday's. I for one am a Scrooge. Not in the sense that I don't want others to enjoy family, friendship and food rather I can't stand the retail aspect and "Hallmarking" of the holiday. You know what I mean? So bah f-in humbug. Now who wants to get me a present or two, I'm hoping for a PS3!

Here are your highlights:

Chicago schools, why can't they figure out the mess?
Here's idea, for all the energy spent trying to get your kid into a "magnet" school demand better from the school they are already attending.

Drill baby drill, BP Oil Well Capped, But Trauma Still Flowing

Obama to get more of the same serving of "No"

John Boehner has extremists friends

Shameless plug

I really don't see this as a difficult choice, Chart: If you want to help the nation, help the unemployed. Instant stimulus, unlike tax cuts for the rich which just make the rich richer. Make the vote happen Dems, make it happen now for chrissake.


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