Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I'm without words. Honestly I haven't seen a game go south so quick ever. The last time there was a shellacking like this the Redskins were playing the Patriots who went on to 15-1 only to lose the Super Bowl (I refuse to link to the summary). I just don't get it. I don't believe Shanahan will do what's needed to adjust this season. He's stubborn to a fault, but he needs to change the defense to a 4-3 till we have the personnel. Followed by getting his son to remove his head out of his ass. Protection matters, having receivers who make plays matters and right now Kyle Shanahan is calling plays like he still has Andre Johnson. Not to mention I question anyone's judgment who lobbies to have Rex Grossman. Really? McNabb (btw why are people surprised Snyder overpaid? It's Snyder!) maybe should take blame for one of those interceptions, but Joey Galloway and Anthony Armstrong are no world beaters. Cutting Devin Thomas seems dumber than ever at this point. Well I guess it's a rebuilding year and we just need to be patient. How is it I root for the Redskins and the Democratic Party? Dear God, I gotta get better teams! I'm taking today off from work. I need a mental health day. Apologies for my crappy blogging yesterday, now let's RAGE!

Here are your highlights:

The Stupidity of the Republican QEII Response

Hooray! Kal Penn returns to the White House

Ummmmm the pillow remote?

It's about jobs you idiots

Can't make this stuff up. New House Republican wants his gubbament health care now!

We're still at war. Does anyone remember that? Afghanistan was all but a non-issue this mid-term election and it's disheartening. Things are not getting better, perhaps it's time to bring them all home...


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MojoRider said...

You know, I've never liked Shanahan. And I think he's mishandled McNabb with the entire benching episode in Detroit.

I've been with this team thru the good years and now the endlessly bad years. I just don't see them making the playoffs with the talent deficiency they have. They need to build an offensive line. They need pass rushers. They need receivers (sorry, but Joey Galloway??!!! He's had his day.)

This humiliation is still a hangover from all the bad decisions team owner Dan Snyder has done. This team is still in the process of rebuilding after Snyder has had 10 years of creating instability, tearing up and tearing down the team. New coaches, new quartberbacks. And he's given up draft picks and money for players who never panned out (Mark Brunnel, Brandon Lloyd, Adam Achuletta, etc...) I dunno if Shanahan is the guy to provide the stability---don't you think he lost the locker room when he benched McNabb?

I mean, why not play to people's strengths rather than force them to do something out of their comfort zone? Why switch to a 3-4 defense when most of the guys excelled (like Fat Albert Hayneworth) at the 4-3 type of schemes? This is also on Shanahan for being stubborn and not being able to adapt.

Ridiculous. And what's worse is hearing all the damn Eagles fans at Fed Ex stadium like it was a home game. Problem with DC is very few people are FROM here, so we always get transplants who root for the team they grew up with.

Thankfully, I've got hockey and the Caps to follow. Following the Skins has just been too frustrating with Snyder as the owner. The more things change, the more they stay the same, man....