Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Conan is back and all is right in late night! The lady and I watched the opening and a couple of guests, we both didn't feel like staying up for Jack White. Regardless it was nice to see a comedian I respect get the show he deserves. It's as if he never left. I also appreciated him addressing the NBC fiasco head on. It takes real comedic savvy and courage to say to the man "F You!" It proves that with hard work, perseverance and self-respect, you don't have to compromise on everything...speaking which, how's that working out for our president? Aw, I couldn't help myself. Drinking Liberally tonight. It will be all about the lame-duck, Sheffield's at 7pm. Rock!

Here are your highlights:

Biden to roll out home energy efficiency program

Ugh, more Bush passing the buck. Torture, "the lawyers said it was cool"

Glibertarians make no sense
. Trashing them is more fun.

It's an Indian Summer in Chicago

Thank God Tim Burton didn't get to ruin Superman

Let Texas secede already. First it was Gov. Rick Perry wanting to opt out of Social Security, now it's Medicaid. And to top it off they want an anti-immigration law just like Arizona. I can't wait to all that oil dries up...

Chow !

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