Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It's the day. The day I wish hadn't come so fast. Election day. I will be attending a special Drinking Liberally tonight at the Irish Oak in Wrigleyville. It starts at 7pm, I should be there shortly after. We'll be staring at polls, pundits and stupid as our country proves it's currently suffering from short term memory loss. The spineless asshats that are the Democratic Party we'll then punt away progress. I for one am hoping Canada is accepting immigrants! Just kidding. Although today's losses are expected to be quite big, I'm prepared to scream louder, rage with more rage and break down the walls of stupidity. This blog started when Bush was still in office, in the words of Sufjan Stevens "I'm not fucking around." I'm here to stay, we're here to stay and we will restore sanity. Tonight's results be damned.

Here are your highlights:

What the fuck has Obama done so far?

I like this, Silver Linings

"Focusing" is not a policy - remove head from ass then start talking

Cool - Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

Randy Moss a Redskin?

Democracy at Work

If you didn't have enough reason to vote. The GOP plan is to shut down and destroy Obama more importantly though is margin. The margin can hold the line when the GOP attempts to go truly crazy


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MojoRider said...

Well, I did my duty and voted early. We'll see what happens; I hope that voter apathy on the part of progressives and some Dems doesn't translate at the polls to reduced votes for the Dems.

Sure, there's enough for the progressive wing to be pissed off about regarding the Dems lack of unity, discipline, and communications and goals but there really IS a big choice to be made. Failure to vote, means a vote for the fear mongerers, the racists, and the lunatic fringe elements.

But hey, you can lead a horse to water but...

Randy Moss to the Skins? Hoo-boy! I dunno about that. The guy's a head case; he's got talent, but I dunno if he'd have any chemistry with anyone. i see him as being more divisive than an Albert Haynesworth.