Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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It has been ridic at work. I spent of the day locked in a cave with just me, a headset and a computer recording myself trying to be excited about a "new product release!" Needless to say I'm burnt out and it's only Thursday. Luckily tonight I have the final rehearsal before filming this Saturday. I'm super pumped. The location is an abandoned junk yard somewhere in Lockport, IL. It will be cold, but it should add to the aesthetic of the film. The only issue is, I accidentally trimmed my beard too short. Oops. Hoping tonight the director doesn't wasn't on purpose I swear, I thought I had the trimmer on two, it was on one. Like I said oops (this is why directors hate actors lol). Today will be just as busy as yesterday. Should be exciting (sarcasm heavy on the sarcasm).

Here are your highlights:

DADT stage set for December
, looks like Sen. Reid is rallying the Senate around the troops

Romney said it, individual mandate needed

Chamber of Lies

START - Cold War Nonsense from the GOP

The Ghailani verdict and American justice

This sounds about right, Congressional Members' Personal Wealth Expands Despite Sour National Economy and why there is even a debate about letting tax cuts for the top 2% expire . They are the top 2%.


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