Monday, November 29, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

I'm baaaaack! And still full from turkey and fixins. On top of that after days on end with my lady's niece and nephew I've contracted a cold. Thanksgiving for the win! It was a lovely time in Central Illinois, but it's also nice to be back in Chicago (where I'm not the token). I certainly didn't mind the time off. I'm not sure what I'm going to do this week. A full week of work does not sound like fun...AT ALL. How was everyone's Turkey Day?

Here are your highlights:

Wikileaks Reaction and everyone wants to bomb Iran

This is too much Fox Nation falls for an Onion article and posts it to rally the Right

Dems in their own way

Cat Food Fight, Progressive Deficit Plan

Congress "Back to Work" - the lame duck session has an agenda full of possibilities...who am I kidding?!


P.S. The Redskins continue to disappoint.


MojoRider said...


I've given up on my Skins. Just another tease of a team this season. Ever since Dan Snyder has owned the team, they've either been teases or just gawd awful. If lucky, they'll go 8-8 but I think they'll go 6-10. Two games against the Giants, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Tampa to round out the schedule.

John Riggins said on DC radio today that what's troubling is that other teams have improved, even Dallas, but the Skins haven't at this point in the season. Still too many inconsistencies in execution.

The Diesel is right. This may be a function of having players that can't quite get to the next level. Shanahan is stuck with the players held over from the previous team. Moreover, the team is still haunted by Snyder's lousy player personnel involvement. And sadly, we're so lacking in the draft because Snyder gave our picks away to sign all these free agent busts (think Adam Archuletta, Brandon Lloyd, etc..)

To really right the ship, you have to destroy the team and start rebuilding, something Snyder hasn't allowed. So you'll always get mediocre teams consisting of patch work players.Seriously, there's no reason why Joey Galloway should be on this team...but! The Skins are so depleted at that position, they had no choice but to get a veteran in there.

Asian-American Pundit said...

This is the best assessmentt I've read of the Vikings game,

It will take years to restore the franchise after all the damage Cerrato & Snyder did.