Friday, November 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Fight night tomorrow!!!! Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito at the Cowgirls Stadium. Who's excited? I'm kind of "meh" to be honest. First off Margarito does not deserve a shot at Pacquiao, second after Margarito was destroyed by Shane Mosley I don't see this fight going much differently. I believe that Margarito had more taken out of him in the Cotto fight than previously thought. Since his return, after had been caught cheating, he hasn't shown much to me to think otherwise. That being said, it's Pacquiao and any of his fights are worth watching. He is a legend and it isn't often you get to see a living legend at work in his prime. I'm hoping to catch it on my night out. Tonight the lady and I will be going to see Jamie Kilstein at the Mayne Stage. Looking forward to that, also TATPodcast recording is happening, so be on the look out for more awesome. Skins talk I'll hold off till Sunday. Let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Ricketts hit up city of Chicago to finance Wrigley renovations

Two of my favorite people talked

Brave Sir Andrew runs away so much for "tough guy New York"

More on the Deficit Commission: The Peasants are Revolting!!

The Long Road Home, Minority Militant Happy Veterans Day and a father/son relationship

Beating a dead horse, Austerity measures don't work in our current economic times. The long of the short we keep getting from the "sensible people" is that the poor people (and middle class) must sacrifice so that the rich can have their tax cuts. We live in an upside down world.


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