Friday, November 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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YES! It's here! Friday motherf-in Friday! This whole week has been a long blur of late nights and disappointing results. Alas the weekend will be a lovely time to relax and regroup. The lady and I had a small anniversary dinner last night at what is becoming our new favorite "stuff our faces" spot; Melanthios. It's like an old Greek woman is toiling hours over each dish. It's honestly some of the most homey, feel good food, I've had in some time. In addition it's across the street from her place, so it's perfect. This weekend we're celebrating the lady's job as she has begun to settle in and her co-workers are gathering together to have drinks and socialize over her awesomeness. Pretty cool. No Redskins this weekend, thank god, I don't think I could take any more this week. LOL. *Le Sigh.

Here are your highlights:

Obama administration to get new faces? I'm glad Rahm & Summers have left, but would it be to much to ask for Timmeh to leave as well?

Shake down. Assange: GOP will try to criminalize Wikileaks

My hometown has some shady business going on, Dem remains in lead...for now...

Creepy, yet beautiful. Even Modern Churches are made to instill the fear of God

Reap the Whirlwind
, GOP unaccountable as always

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.) thank you, we are going to need a lot more of this throughout the next two years:

Grijalva warned that members of his caucus would try to block any compromises with the Republicans that weren't sufficiently progressive, even if it meant defying the White House. "Progressives in Congress need to behave like Democrats if the White House doesn't want to behave…we can't suddenly go from being survivors to concede to an agenda that's not going to satisfy us. They shouldn't pass [compromises] with our votes," Grijalva said.

We can say "No" to everything too.


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