Monday, November 8, 2010

Endless War(s)

Here we go again.

Democracy Now:

U.S. Deploys Armed Drones to Yemen

The Washington Post reports the U.S. has deployed armed Predator drones to hunt for al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen for the first time in years. The drones are being operated by the Joint Special Operations Command and being flown from a nearby country, possibly Djibouti or Qatar. The drones are part a major U.S. buildup in Yemen that includes the arrival of new CIA teams, up to 100 Special Operations force trainers, and the deployment of sophisticated surveillance and electronic eavesdropping systems operated by spy services including the National Security Agency. A Pentagon official told the Washington Post that plans are being made to nearly double military aid to Yemen next year to $250 million.

I understand there is a viable threat in Yemen, however, have we learned nothing from Afghanistan? This is gravely disappointing from Obama and the White House. We can't spread our forces out thinly expecting to fend off every terrorist in every country. It's a waste of money and resources.

And here's a reminder of what drone attacks perpetuate.

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