Saturday, October 9, 2010

Woke Up This Morning Happy Then Read Megan McArdle

How is she employed...oh that's right sticking up for the "little guy" banks while also poorly attempting to relate to those less fortunate. This line sums up her sickening inability to address any fiscal issue with an ounce of reality:

To be fair, that's in large part because so many of your neighbors took out crazy loans . . . but I'm still glad that those people are getting a rent-free hiatus to get their shattered fiscal lives together.

Aww shucks, how sweet Megan to bless those unfortunate who were robbed and swindled with your "gladness." The rest of her well thought out, serious anecdote is in defense of the banks, so that they get the right to kick those with "shattered fiscal lives" on the street like the bums they are! My coffee is now more bitter than before. Can't wait till Sully links to it calling it an intriguing "scandal." *Headslamondesk

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