Friday, October 29, 2010

White Panther Party: Voter Fraud Means Something Else

Kevin Drum comes to a conclusion about the right's obsession with alleged voter fraud:

In any case, nobody is suggesting we shouldn't police elections. What I am suggesting is that mountains of evidence demonstrate that the actual incidence of voter fraud is minuscule and nearly always freelance. Nonetheless, every two years Republicans whip up a towering hysteria over the specter of massive organized efforts to steal the election from them. Efforts that quite plainly don't exist. And since no party in its right mind would spend gobs of time and money fighting a tiny problem that affects virtually no actual election results, they must have some other motive for doing this. What might that be?

"We are all voter fraud police now", that's what it's about KEVIN! (eyes pop out of head and onto the Fox News station floor, followed by excessively foaming at the mouth while wearing a flag pin. A flag pin because that's what patriotism is founded on. Flags pins and making sure no robot mice get in the voter machines all ghosty-like)

If this election or any election doesn't follow the right's preferred narrative of "Take America Back" they have a clear bogeyman; the Others stole it.

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