Monday, October 25, 2010

White Panther Party is Made of Lies

So remember when Mark Kirk was worried about "voter fraud" in "those kind of neighborhoods" well turns out he was full of it.

TPM reports:

Fears over the potential for voter fraud in Illinois -- where the state GOP has reportedly partnered with a variety of conservative organizations to recruit poll watchers -- have been "totally blown out of whack," Cook County Clerk David Orr tells TPMMuckraker.

Orr, a Democrat who was first elected as County Clerk in 1990, oversees elections in the suburban parts of Cook County. He said that poll watchers are an important part of the election process, so long as they follow the rules.

"Poll watchers are good. You have to separate the fact that it's good for campaigns, it's good for the body politic to have people there that are watching, I think that's important," Orr told TPMMuckraker on Friday. "The only problem comes if people abuse that, and we've certainly seen that in the past. We saw it in the last presidential election, we saw it in Michigan."

"What some people have done -- particularly Republicans in the past few years -- is challenge people because of their race or ethnicity, and that is clearly illegal," Orr added.

While the Daily Caller reported on Friday that the director of elections for Cook County -- who Orr oversees -- warned that voter fraud could be a problem, Orr said that characterization of the memo "is not particularly accurate." They always put out a notice ahead of elections reminding candidates and campaigns of the rules, Orr said.

The race has opened up in the latest polls for Kirk and of course since Chicago is full of machine politicians Orr can't be trusted; he obviously has a vendetta against freedom. We are already seeing a week out the beginnings of GOP excuses if they don't take both the House and the Senate. There is a confused America out there, not one trying to intimidate voters or fraud an election. Speaking of fraud in an election, shadow donors...oh wait quick ----> over there!

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