Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Republicans Stand For...the Rich


This week, Republican House Whip Eric Cantor appeared on the Daily Show. An interesting and (relatively) honest moment occurred, at about 4:35, when Stewart asked Cantor to define his party's philosophy. Cantor began by talking about immigrants who came to America and worked their way up, and then wound up to this point:

That’s what America’s about. It’s about providing an even playing field for opportunity, not the government sitting here saying, ‘This person here’s too successful, this one’s not, I’m gonna take from this one and give to that one.’ That’s the principle. It’s earned success.

That is indeed the heart of what Republicans believe. They believe that all success is earned success. They do not believe that luck or life circumstance play an important part in economic success. They believe that wealth and poverty are essentially moral categories, interchangeable with "hard work" and "sloth." They decry government, but they don't really oppose government per se. They oppose those government functions that transfer resources from the rich to the non-rich.

It's not about limited gubbament, or stopping socialism. It's about "for me not for thee." The Republicans only care about the rich. Plain and simple. I can't find another reason, in these trying times, to NOT vote for the Republican candidate.

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