Sunday, October 31, 2010

Redskins Sunday

It's gonna be another busy day in Chicago. We have to hit up Trader Joe's, do some fall cleaning, Redskins game and then tonight we're having friends over for the Walking Dead premiere. In between all of that I'm going to try to edit down the material from the second episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown. Paddy K and I talked for over two hours (we lost track of time) and can't wait to share the hilarity, discussion and music with everyone.

Redskins v Lions quick analysis. First of all we aren't great on turf ie the Rams game. Second the Lions handed us an embarrassing loss last year NOT COOL, it's time for revenge. Third, if Orapko and the defense get to Stafford the game hopefully will swing our way like last week...with less ugliness. Let's hope McNabb finds his groove soon and one of our receivers steps up.


I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

P.S. Yoshi's was aaamaaaazzzzinnng.


MojoRider said...

The Skins better not play down to the Lions level! They lost last year to the Rams and the Lions in what had to be the most depressing season ever in modern Skins history.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Ugh totally agree! Well unfortunately they already lost to the Rams this year. That was a dreadful game. Hoping the momentum from the Bears game gets them to beat up the Lions. We're definitely the stronger team.