Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rally to Restore Our Sanity

Prepping for the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown reading headlines, listening to tunes and drinking my coffee.

Who's going to the Rally 4 Sanity?! Sterno will be in attendance, so be on the look out for some amazing photography from the event. Seriously Colbert/Stewart should be paying the guy as press. I hope the rally goes well, that people get a good laugh out of it. As Steve M. stated, this rally is more about ratings than anything else. It has, however presented a mirror to our failed media establishment and they don't like what they see. As a comedian I find it amusing how much sway both men have had, perhaps they can restore a bit of sanity...

These next four days will determine whether or not our country has honestly lost its collective mind. ActBlue is doing one last blitz for donations. Give if you can. Every bit helps. Alexi for Senate! Feingold for Senate!

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