Friday, October 22, 2010

Not a Fair Fight

Greg Sargent for the win today, as he compiled a list of outside conservative and liberal organizations undisclosed donors spending on this year's election.

The stark contrast shows the true effect of the Citizens United ruling. It's a free market election and its getting bought right in front our faces:


American Action Network: $4,930,690

American Future Fund: $13,829,863

Americans for Job Security: $5,833,469

Americans for Limited Government: $705,045

Americans for Tax Reform: $3,545,412

Center for Individual Freedom: $1,886,869

Crossroads GPS: $11,484,016

Ending Spending Fund: $1,150,000

Revere America: $1,539,048

60 Plus Association: $5,574,166

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: $23,644,188

Republican Jewish Coalition: $610,590

Total: $74,733,356


Working America: $2,005,965

VoteVets Action Fund: $1,869,086

Defenders of Wildlife: $1,094,188

NARAL Pro Choice America: $281,951

National Wildlife Federation Action Fund: $278,835

CSS Action Fund: $1,377,680

Communication Workers of America: $1,174,194

Sierra Club: $296,059

Our Future Ohio PAC: $1,711,283

United Mine Workers of America Power PAC: $315,905

Total: $9,868,057

The fact that there are races that are close should be a testament to a moderately progressive victory. However, as Booman points out, it's potentially the beginning of something far worse.

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