Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Phew. Wednesday and physical therapy. Yup, I am in early in order to leave early to get beat up and stretched out for the betterment of my old body. Who knew that before I turned 30 I would already be falling apart? INSANITY! In all reality this is a good thing. I had almost two months off of working out while popping pain killers, now is the time to recoup. Why? Well because I am going to be in a new short film that demands physicality. Hooray for acting! Hooray for physical therapy! Hooray for physicality acting! Ok enough of that let's do this...

Here are your highlights:

The Kentucky Curb Stomper's weak excuse

You lie! Joe Miller is a shady character whose lies have finally caught up with him

DeAngelo Hall's jersey headed to the Hall of Fame - Suck it Cutler

Monkeys, monkeys and new monkeys

Swept under the rug: Treasury hid A.I.G. Loss

Want a reason to vote? Lobbyists are drooling over a possible GOP House take over, should be reason enough. Digby makes a call for action. It is on. Time to buckle down and vote "D", as the president has said often "we have to put the car in drive, not reverse."



MojoRider said...

Da MAN-gelo-Hall was amazing. And I still can't believe Cutler had the balls to talk crap about how he'd still challenge Hall...nice. He let his own ego and stubborness get in the way of putting his team in a position to win. Not only that, Cutler made some terrible passes that were perfect for picking off! That's on him. Maybe he's trying to boost his self confidence but Cutler's gotta play better than that! And he's gotta respect a defensive back who's got speed and good hands. for Joe Miller? Amazing how a guy who's fairly smart got so twisted around by an extremist ideology, thinks he is somehow qualified to be a legislator in the Senate. I wish more of the MSM would simply ask, "What makes you qualified to be a US Senator?" not just to Miller, but everyone of these tea baggers. Just because you're angry and disagree with the current policies of the day, what experience do you have in working in a legislative body?

People get the government they deserve. Unfortunately, if the big sweep happens, I didn't vote for that screwed up government and I'll have to live with it.

Steve said...

I hope some day Knowshon Mareno gets good so we can trade him to the 'skins for Deangelo Hall a la the Clinton Portis/Champ Bailey trade.

MojoRider said...

You know, I liked Champ Bailey. I didn't want to see him traded. Some people didn't like him here in DC but I thought he was really good.

But Portis has done well in DC; too bad his best days with the Skins were on horrible teams.

I think Mike Shanahan can get some more miles out of Portis, though. Knowshon is still a young guy, he has room to improve. D-Hall isn't a classic shut-down cover guy, but he does have good hands and timing.

Asian-American Pundit said...

@MojoRider HTTR! Hall is frustrating to watch at times because of the cushions he gives guys. Still haven't figured out if that is scheme or his decision.

In regards to Miller, you make an excellent point. Just because you're angry doesn't make you qualified, just because someone is an "outsider" from Washington doesn't make them capable legislators in the Senate.

@Steve NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo!