Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

It is here! The first episode of the Trans-Atlantic Throwdown podcast with Paddy K and Frank Chow. You can follow us on our site and listen to the episode there as well. We also added links that correlate with our conversation as points of reference. Don't forget to send us emails at with feedback, criticism, praise and whatever pops in your head. We look forward to hearing from you. Last, but certainly not least the Heartland Cafe still needs help, but it was great to see so many turn out in support for the great community that is the Heartland. Best of luck to them and their family!

Here are your highlights:

Mark Kirk sends polls "watchers" to Black neighborhoods

Hooray legal system! Judge orders halt of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - why this is an opportunity to stick it to the WH, I will never know...

Eminem and Whiteness

Cool! Steam Punk Iron Man

Help us Ben Bernanke, you are our only hope -perhaps Japan's lost decade won't be America's?

The Chilean rescue is underway, a feel good story amongst much doom and gloom. Somehow though Michelle Malkin found a way to not only politicize it, but attack Obama with it....and she wonders why we call her a wingnut?


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