Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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It's Tuesday right? What a trip!!! Lil Sis Frank ran 26.2 miles and broke her own personal record at just above 4 hours. Despite rain, a troublesome course and the fact that she was running 26.2 miles, SHE DID IT! (not gonna lie, I was a little choked up and so proud of her). Seeing her cross the finish line made the total of 9 combined hours of flying worth it. The lady and I also were able to have some lovely one on one time. Hitting up delicious Chinese Dim Sum at one of the oldest joints in town, a lovely Mexican gem and a breakfast homestlye diner the next morning. We definitely spent a little too much cash...oh well when in Rome right?! I am exhausted, not as much as my sister, but the lady and I are excited to go back to San Fran...next time when we are filthy rich and can afford all that we would like to do. I will post pictures today or tomorrow depending on Blogger maintenance. Hope you hippies are ready for an election day battle!

Here are your highlights:

None of this Makes Any Sense
- Rachel Maddow takes down the "concerted theme" of the right-wing. Extremists, but not one message among them.

Jobs, jobs, jobs we need them to spur our ecnomy. Industrial production down .2%

Quade signs two-year deal with Cubs

You haven't heard about it, but Sestak is closing strong Toomey

BLOG AGAINST THEOCRACY! O'Donnell doesn't get separation of Church and State

Halloween they it is supposed to be done!



MojoRider said...

Man, I'm jealous. SF is awesome; I was there about three years ago and it was a great time. I definitely didn't get to eat enough Chinese food. Lots of good restaurants.

Asian-American Pundit said...

The food was fantastic! I will be posting about that later today or tomorrow time permitting.

My heart still belongs to Chicago, although San Fran does have some great perks. #1 the Chinese food!