Thursday, October 28, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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I am so sore. Beaten and battered. Damn you physical therapy, damn you. As I mentioned yesterday was my first visit to physical therapy for an evaluation and assessment. I was poked and prodded by the therapist and her conclusion was...displaced disc(s). My back is crooked, which I thought had self-corrected after taking over a month off which means...therapy for at least two months. Hooray! The only plus side is I have to adjust my work schedule to allow commuting time to get to my appointments; I will be on an "East Coast" shift. MORE RAGE, MORE BLOGGING, WHERE'S MY PAIN KILLERS?!!

Here are your highlights:

Alexi Giannoulias debates the corpocrat Mark Kirk. Why is it anytime a veteran defiles his own record, it's the opponents fault for the scope of lies? Classic Republican: playing the victim.

Still not getting better. Foreclosures in crisis

John Bonehead hanging out with Nazi reenactors

For those being pricks, Obama was right to go on the Daily Show

Arkansas School Board member wants gays to die of AIDS

President Obama in an engaging and often candid sit down with progressive bloggers. Oddly enough I did not get the call...guess the President doesn't appreciate photoshop?


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