Thursday, October 21, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Oh Thursday why can't you be more like Friday. I could then be basking in the warmth of a snuggie while sipping on a brew and watching football. ILL-INI! The lady and I are making a short trip to tailgate/see her niece and can't wait. In addition, there has been a NEW ADDITION to the Lady's family. Congrats to her cousin on their new born son. Hooray for babies! Everywhere babies! Luckily there is no pressure yet coming from any angle for the lady and I to settle down and start our own spawn. We can wait. So football, football and football. In other news I start physical therapy next week for an injury to my hip. Most Monday's and Friday's for about a month will have sucky blogging (no different from the norm). Apologies beforehand.

Here are your highlights:

Why breasts are key to the future of regenerative medicine

Nah-nah goodbye. Juan Williams fired from NPR for his stupid remarks. Have fun on Faux News folding to every right-wing talking point!

Can we just all admit that the Blue Dogs have their tails between their legs around Nancy Pelosi? And now that party majority is in jeopardy they act like they have stones. Weak machismo.

Clarence Thomas Ethics Probe

Unemployment: Still high

I read this article this morning and literally was dumbfounded. Climate Change Doubt is Tea Party Article of Faith

This says it all:

“It’s a flat-out lie,” Mr. Dennison said in an interview after the debate, adding that he had based his view on the preaching of Rush Limbaugh and the teaching of Scripture. “I read my Bible,” Mr. Dennison said. “He made this earth for us to utilize.”


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