Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Football!!! Wow, what a crazy football filled weekend! Frankly, I am exhausted. The Illini game included a chili cook-off which was nom nom delicious and the Bears v. Redskins game included well...I guess you would call it a "football game." Nevertheless I haven't had this much football fun in a while and was more than happy to take the WIN! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!! Seriously the worst football game I have ever seen live, both sides didn't seem like they wanted to win. How many turnovers were there? Those were Pro Bowl quarterbacks back there? Offensive lines are supposed to block? Cutler hearts DeAngelo Hall? Special thanks again goes to my lady and her friends who allowed us to tag along and were great hosts to a Redskins fan. It was my first game this year. I am hoping to catch more as long as the game is more fundamentally sound. Heck the Illini game was more fundamentally sound than the Bears v. Redskins! Oh well Detroit is next, bring it!

Here are your highlights:

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Wikileaks released mounds of information about the truth untold of the Iraq War. The amount of civilian deaths are quite higher than previously reported. What is pathetic is that instead of focusing on the documents and their atrocities, we have a media obsessed with the man who released them. They are all too willing to do the dirty work of the irresponsible administration involved. Nixon would be proud.



MojoRider said...

Was that a crazy Skins-Bears game or what? It's like neither team wanted to win! The Skins offense looked horrible after the first quarter. And had Anthony Armstrong had held on to some of those passes, it should've been 21-7, Skins leading.

Crazy is right. FOUR interceptions by D-Hall? Amazing. Why did the Bears keep throwing it to his area? Or why didn't they do a double move if they knew Hall was going to cheat and undercut the pass?

Asian-American Pundit said...

The game was so painful. Every time one team made a play, the other turned around and screwed up.

Glad we got a win. Cutler still won't admit he was outplayed by Hall.