Monday, October 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a fun filled and packed weekend. I may or may not have drank too much gin/rum/booze. Hooray! Success! The new project is coming into fruition. I am excited to share it with you all hopefully sooner than later. I spent the early morning Saturday working on that, then hit Trader Joe's followed by a night of debauchery. Football Sunday was exhausting. Dear God the Redskins can't make it easy...ever. And how many no-calls is Charles Woodson allowed a game? I think we met the quota, however HAIL TO THE REDSKINS HAIL TO VICTORY!! They pulled it off, in overtime, phew. It was nice to see the Skins hold tough and fight back. The highlight catch of the day was definitely Armstrong's over the head wowzer! Man, as tough as it is at times to watch, I am a die hard fan. Bring on the Colts!

Here are your highlights:

GOP Minority Outreach Takes Another Hit

In Hungary a Red Toxic Sludge

Jeremy Lin makes his NBA debut and inspires the Golden State

The Citizens United case is corroding our election process right away! Activist Judges!

US payrolls fall and investors hope for the Fed to DO SOMETHING! Meanwhile the GOP continues to obstruct Nobel Prize winning economists from working towards solutions.


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