Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was a weekend of way too much indulgence! I'm exhausted and frankly losing hope in a lot of ways. None the less the weekend was rather positive on the sports end. Michigan pulled out another nailbiter against the Hoosiers. The Redskins put the hurt on Vick and actually kept a lead for the entire game (thank god the defense didn't completely wilt.) Then the lady and I went out to Girl & the Goat for a lovely early evening dinner. I will post pictures up and a recap tonight for you foodies who are wondering if it warrants the hype. Preview, it does! This week is going to be rather sporadic, I have many things going on, but then nothing going on. I need a vacation badly. San Fran is not far away (two weeks), so glad my lady booked that trip long long long ago. Did I miss anything? How was everyone's debauchery filled weekends?

Here are your highlights:

Dirty Hippies Gather for One Nation Rally - estimated crowd size via previously known "Malkin Math" 800 billion gazillion

The GOP Senate hopefuls want to cut the minimum wage...if they knew what it was...

Free Market Fairy gets her wings clipped by the FCC

BigWOWO elaborates on TMM take on the Rick Sanchez firing

When corporations are people, democracy doesn't stand a chance

We had this discussion, no matter how much either major paper in the Chicago hits Rahm Emanuel, no matter what groups try to derail him. He has a track record of being a political battering ram (pun intended). And if elected he will be no different than Daley. For a lot of Chicagoans I think they will be just fine with that.



Anonymous said...

Skins need to shore up the defense! Carlos Rogers has to stop dropping sure interceptions.

I dunno where this team was against the Rams, though. If they can keep their running game going, it'll open up all kinds of options for them to throw the ball. Just like the old Gibbs days---run to set up the pass.

I do fear, however, that Portis has lost a step. He's taken a beating the last few years.


Asian-American Pundit said...


I agree with you that the Redskins played down to the level of their competitions against the Rams. It has been the case for the past couple of years.

I feel the defense showed improvement, but the Skins have to make better half time adjustments on both sides of the ball to contend whatsoever later in the season.

The good thing about the Shanahan running game is that many backs can excel in his scheme. I do feel like all those hard years Portis put in for us is catching up, but Torain didn't look too bad. Nowadays you have to have at least two solid backs to be a team these days. Let's hope they can stay healthy.

And who doesn't miss the Gibbs years? I love a run to pass offense and it looks like that's the plan.

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