Friday, October 22, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Friday is here! And as the day goes I will be raging as normal, you better believe it. Tonight the lady and I will be heading off to Central Illinois and the tomorrow is Illinois homecoming. Our previous plan was to sit in the parking lot and just tailgate, but that has changed. Apparently lady's dad purchased us tickets, so we will be going to the game. ILL-INI! It's a football weekend as I said because the Redskins are coming to Chicago! FRANK IS GOING TO RAGE!! HAIL TO THE REDSKINS! I have never a) been to Soldier Field and b) seen the Bears play, needless to say I will be the one Redskins fan in the stands. Pray for me. In completely unrelated news the video above is rather amazing. As much flack Obama gets from the LGBT community, the fact that he did this video should say a lot. Thank you Mr. President.

Here are your highlights:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Dirty Filth Money

New to Chicago: The Apple Stop

Dick Armey begins the right-wing meme

You know that nonsense about the Health Care Reform Repeal. Well it's nonsense.

Scientists Find Water on the Moon

Elections, elections, elections. Early voting has been strong thus far, but I am wary of the Democrats chances nationwide. There is no Democratic emerging majority as previously thought, the battle for sanity is going to be a long one.


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