Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

B.O.B & Hayley Williams - Airplanes from murat52 on Vimeo.

Tomorrow the lady and I will be in San Francisco! I AM PSYCHED! As I stated I am going to cheer on Lil Sis Frank run the marathon, her second one and may or may not cry when I see her cross the finish line (I practically raised the girl). Thanks for those who offered up places to visit, apparently San Fran has some good pizza...who knew? I am planning on getting the last couple of trades of the Walking Dead and finishing those up on the four hour flight. We are happy to get away as the stress of late has been mounting. Hopefully when I get back the RAGE will be on because it is election time ladies and gents. Please no 1994.

Here are your highlights:

Bernanke: Wrestling with the size of aid

The real Mark Kirk, who is this guy? A bipartisan workman, a liar or a just career corporatecrat?

Throw the Book at her!
The right-wing wants to try to take down Michelle Obama....good luck with that

This hits home. Two tales show banks's role in prolonging the mortgage crisis

Trans-Atlantic Throwdown Podcast is on ITunes
- with Paddy K & Frank Chow (shameless plug)

Steve Benen explains the Fox News meme that "all terrorists are Muslims." Expect time after time, even recently, they have not been. A scattered amount of Timothy McVeigh wannabes have been popping up before and since Obama was elected. Yet the meme is sticking according to the Hill which posted an erroneous poll saying people believe "The Left" is more extreme. As Booman points out that's just bullshit. I suggest the news start watching more closely.


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