Friday, October 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

A long and somber week. I am glad today is Friday. Thank Jeebus, Allah, God, Mormon Mexican Jeebus, Buddha, Krishna, and Stephen Hawking Big Bang Ball of Nothingness! This weekend is packed as the first steps are being taken for my next project. Quite excited and definitely will share more once it comes to fruition. I am psyched. The lady and I will also be shopping for a shiny new apartment. Not sure if we'll follow through, but we want to get more space...well she does...since I kind of sorta don't officially don't live with her (wink, wink). Then we will be celebrating another birthday for a fellow dirty f-in hippie, the Sterno. Sunday is Redskins v. Packers, at home thus far our Skins have been putting on great battles. Let's hope the D holds tight and then Ryan Torain steps up as the number one back. It's gonna be knock down drag out fight. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!

Here are your highlights:

The End of the Tunnel

Just a reminder Republicans if they Takeover probably will attempt to shut down everything

Chicago Marathon CHEATERS!

Joe Miller just another Tea Party "for me not for thee" thug

Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize - well earned, well deserved

As an aspiring actor this is unfortunately my reality. "Casting Call: Asian-bad driver turns into Karate Expert". That's why when given the opportunity I jump at roles or stories that don't fit the Hollywood narrative of Asians in the world. It is also why important movements like Racebending & blogs like Racialicious (and many others) matter so much.


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