Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Because I Got High

I voted for the Democratic Party.

Political Wire:

The Wall Street Journal reports that Democratic strategists "are studying a California marijuana-legalization initiative to see if similar ballot measures could energize young, liberal voters in swing states for the 2012 presidential election."

"Democratic strategists liken the marijuana effort to the 2004 ballot drives to ban gay marriage in Ohio and 10 other states. Whether those measures helped then-President George W. Bush win that year remains a point of debate, as turnout was high even in states without the issue on the ballot. But many conservatives say the measure drove thousands to the polls in Ohio, the election's central battleground, where Mr. Bush won by just two percentage points, or about 118,000 votes."

"Now, some Democratic strategists say marijuana legalization could do the same for their party.

Sounds about right. I haven't met a violent marijuana user in my life. In fact most of them are boring and love Cheetos. I say legalize, tax the shit out of it and then build super rail. That's just me. Of course you are running the risk of them putting down their bong, getting off the couch and voting. Get it? All pot users are lazy good for nothings?!

On a side note the War on Drugs has been a complete FAIL. Why not give the gubbament the upper hand on this one? Legalizing allows regulations, as I said taxation and medicinal clinics for those in pain. I had a point somewhere in this paragraph, but I was too busy staring at my desktop background....

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