Friday, September 17, 2010

What Does the "D" Even Mean?

New logo same old headaches with the Democratic party.

Josh Marshall rants and rages on how there is just too much stupid to combat:

If the Democrats do this right they can do at least two and possibly four of the following: 1) get a good issue to take into the mid-terms, 2) sow divisions among Republicans between ones who want to duck a tough vote and those who want to hold out on principle, 3) get good policy that will help fight the recession and 4) make it vastly more difficult for the Republicans to push through extensions of the tax cuts. The first two are basically a lock. The second two depend on whether they're able to get the bill through the Senate.

It's one thing if you can't take the hard votes. But if you can't even take the easy votes, what's the point?

Read the rest. It's a Head.Slam.On.Desk.

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