Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Threat of Not Being Green

I don't nearly point this out enough. It's not easy being green. Just as poverty is an uphill battle the fight for effective climate change legislation is similarly daunting. The amount of corruption within the Big Oil companies and the support from sociopaths like suck navels named Newt Gingrich (and those in the GOP) makes communicating the real information to people difficult. This type of nonsense gets me fired up.

Climate Progress:

Whatever else you can say about Obama, he is no extremist, nor has he lacked for achievements. He has governed from a center-left position and has enacted a set of policies that have eluded progressives for decades.

Yes, despite pushing through a variety of clean energy and CO2-reducing strategies that make him the greenest president to date, he has utterly failed on his crucial campaign commitment of passing comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation. In part this is for lack of serious trying by his White House, but mostly because of the disinformation campaign pushed by Big Oil and corporate polluters and because the Republican Party has been captured by Big Oil, Big Polluters, and the Tea Party extremists, who themselves are backed by Big Oil , as discussed here.

The radicalization of the Republican Party is exemplified by the disgraced former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who back in 2007 was actually described as the “move to the pragmatic center on climate and energy,” by one NYT reporter. Now, he has become just another Tea Party extremist backed by dirty energy, as explained in this Think Progress crosspost, “TenMillionVoters.Com: Newt Launches Tea Party Campaign To Stop ‘Radical, Secular Socialist Machine’

You can read the entire post here.

Gingrich is one evil mother fugger taking money from the polluters of our planet and spreading their misinformation campaign. I wish someone could somehow counteract these pathological liars and climate change deniers with tactics of their own. Perhaps a instead of a "dead baby truck", we can do a "dead polar bears and oil covered animals gasping for air truck". We could maybe have the track "Earth Song" by Michael Jackson blasting outside these oil company offices John Cusack style. Or perhaps the best way is to call Climate Change a Muslim and rally the Gingrich's and Teabaggers against the evil Muslim named Carbon Emissions! I think I might be onto something...

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