Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Pledge to Pffft

The sad part about this snarky post by TAPPED's Jamelle Bouie is that if you turned on Fox the "Mirror Universe" actually exists. Just over at RedState that universe is flipping out over the "GOP Pledge":

At a time when America needs a bold, simple, fresh plan for putting America on the path to fiscal and constitutional sanity - we get instead an almost 8000 word term paper of inside-the-beltway regurgitation that lacks the one thing the American people seem to be dying to have… actual leadership. Harsh? Hardly.

1. The Pledge fails to address the single greatest threat to our nation’s long term fiscal health - the fact that we have precisely $0 set aside for the more than $106 trillion in unfunded liabilities staring us in the face for social security, medicare and medicaid. Instead, we get more of the same political rhetoric about seniors standing to lose Medicare because of Obamacare. MEDICARE IS BANKRUPT. SOCIAL SECURITY IS BANKRUPT. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, MAN UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There's more, but you get the gist.

BANKRUPT!! DO SOMETHING!!! CAPS LOCK!! THE WALLS ARE FALLING APART AROUND US!!! So as much as I enjoy the wit and the mocking of the ridiculousnessicity of teh "Pledge." The people the GOP are attempting to appease are far worse and are hell bent on restoring destroying America as we know it all in the name of FREEDOM!!!! The pledge and the pledge the Right really wants would both lead to disaster for our country. NOW I WILL USE TEH CAPS LOCK TO MOCK THEM EVEN MORE!!! DEFUND EDUCATION!!! PRIVATIZE URINAL CAKES!! ALL OF THE UNEMPLOYED ARE ZOMBIE ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message

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Steve said...

Ya know if the illegals were zombies they'd be even cheaper... Just sayin...