Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

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Holy Wednesday Batman! This week feels like it has been lasting forever. The FALL FUND DRIVE is probably gonna last for a couple of weeks. Don't feel obligated, but $5 to support Frank's family would be much appreciated. Last night's DL was fireworks filled...okay not really, but we had a smaller group so our conversations were rather focused and constructive. It always amazes me that the real debates in our country no longer include left and right, however within the left. Perhaps that is why there is an enthusiasm gap at this point for the Democratic Party, but as Obama stated yesterday it is no time to sit on our laurels. Progress won't exist the moment the Jim Demint's of the world light Congress on fire. (okay not literally, but you know I wouldn't put it past him). So chuck your desks! Raise a fist and gets pissed people, call bank, raise some dough and let's do this!

Here are your highlights:

Justice for Fong Lee

This should be red meat for the Democrats, GOP blocks jobs outsourcing bill

Europe protests against Austerity!

Umm Domino's wants to get in on the "we want to kill you food"

More insight from the Rolling Stone interview with Obama while Chait writes the dumbest post of his fuggin life "Obama is a meany". And Digby makes the point that needs to be made, too much is at stake.



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