Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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When it rains it pours is what they say and it is true. The FALL FUND DRIVE button has been fixed (it was being buggy yesterday), so if you can...please donate. I found out yesterday more bad news, long story short I will be now somehow providing for my sister's housing at her university. Again I understand times are rough all around, but any donation would be appreciated. I just want my sister to have the same opportunities I had. In the next couple of days, you may see some ads as well. I apologize if this forces you to have pop ups or "malware" warnings, but I have to explore some ways for additional income at this point. On the positive, I hope to be telling you all about a new project soon that I think will open up the world to all things Frank. I am looking forward to it. NOW LET'S RAGE!

Here are your highlights:

This 100 Year Old Photo is NOT Photoshopped

Oh this would be funny, if it wasn't true Obama indoctrinating through comic books!

Attention reporters: Income disparity just doesn't happen

I am not Catholic, but I know this...

If the GOP gets control of the House get ready for new age McCarthyism

Citizen Radio has gone Rogue!

I was listening to NPR this morning and they were interviewing a man who said he was voting Republican because of "the definition of insanity." Umm the Republicans pledge is the definition of insanity you fuggin idiot! I hate to say it, but America is really made up of many misinformed simpletons. They are manipulated by Reprogrammable Killbots....


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