Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Sorry off the map for a bit doing corporatey corporation stuff. Alas I am here and full of RAGE! I am tired. I am exhausted. My back is still injured. Frank has not had enough endorphins and I now back to being a pissed off minority in a dastardly world. Election season is here and you don't think that matters ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! OF COURSE IT MATTERS!! You want draconian laws? You want the impeachment of Obama? You want a 24 hour news cycle about Michelle Obama's arms? Hillary's pantsuit? Bill penis? Dismantling of Social Security! Destruction of human rights! Matthew Broderick in Godzilla 2!?! Elections matter. Vote or deal with Ferris Bueller staring in fear of scaling Godzilla crotch.

Here are your highlights:

Note to Various Spineless Dems

The part the media won't report. The ridiculous obstruction of the GOP and judicial nominees

DADT Repeal, will it gets its last shot?

FTW - Gamers better at fast decision-making

Reward out for Karl Rove $100,000 - I think Sarah Palin will be the first to turn him in for the money

Why it is so tough right now to have any sympathy for Conserva-Dems. Most support returning to pre-Bush Tax Cut rates for the rich. As Greg Sargent points out, "If you aren't going to take a stand on an issue where half dozen national polls are on your side, what issue will you take a stand on?"


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