Thursday, September 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Last night the lady and I said "safe travels" to a long time friend as he is making the big move to Hollywood. Four years ago I trekked from Northern Virginia in a Toyota Corolla packed to the brim. My goal was "Sweet Home Chicago." I went for one reason, to get out and try something new. Scooter was my co-pilot. We hit up Chicago, lived near Wrigley, partied like none other, laughed more than ever, had our differences at times, gamed it up; most importantly he introduced me to my lady. Overall our friendship has sustained through the ups and downs of our contrasting lives and I wish him nothing but the best. The most rewarding part about our journey, however has been that Chicago ultimately led to us finding our specific callings. For those of you who have access to the Playstation Network I recommend watching Season 2 of the Tester (my insider information tells me its a good one) and root for Scooter as loud as you can. As for me, I will be heading out to Hollywood in about two to three years, ready to high five a brotha!

Here are your highlights:

Zach Galifianakis Take a Dark Turn

That Grayson Ad everyone liked, actually not what it should have been

Belatedly, Obama remembers his organizing roots

RIP Tony Curtis & Greg Giraldo

This is fantastic news, when do they take us over Independence Day style? Habitable Planet For Realz

The only bipartisan accomplishment this year. Eye on China, House Votes for Greater Tariff Powers. Now this is actually a good move as many have stated. But will it become FEAR THE YELLOW PEOPLE? Or will it simply make a clear statement to China to be more ethical? You know what would also help if Congress had a bipartisan consensus to quit shipping jobs overseas and enact a second stimulus. Pretty sure that would help more than any of this...



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Steve said...

A few comments:

1) You're not allowed to head to hollywood so Scooter better drag Hollywood back to Chicago kicking and screaming :)

2) On the Alan Grayson bit, the conclusions in that link are a bit flawed. Specificallly:

Female voters are anything but ambivalent about Grayson -- "They really loathe him," Lee reported. With Grayson's 33/53 favorable/unfavorable rating among women, Webster's lead among females is much stronger (45/33 over Grayson) compared to a statistical tie (41/40 Webster) among males.

Yes, that's true, but those numbers were true before the ad ran. Given that the ad was only hitting the lefty blogosphere as of Tuesday there's not been enough time to get a read on the ad's impact. So this ad may be a wise move by Grayson because it has the potential to hurt Webster's position amongst female voters. Let's see where those numbers are in another week and then we'll get a sense of it.

Having said that I've never been a fan of Grayson's style. I like him as a counter to the Republicans but I much prefer politicians who fight but do so in a respectful way.