Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

All right so last night started the ball rolling for my latest project. I decided after making myself a sammich to head to the local overlord of technology and picked up a headset. "What pray tell may that be for Frank?" you ask. Well my fellow ragers I can tell you it won't be for late hours of W.O.W. while guzzling cans of Mountain Dew and sobbing over missed bonus points. NO! It is for the next piece in this great internet wonderment known as Frank Chow. I won't get ahead of myself too much, but I will say the headset allows me to talk and talk often. That's all I will be saying...if you haven't figure it out yet...make like Christine O'Donnel and come on! It is rather exciting and of course I will inform you once it comes to fruition, but rage is on its way. In other news tomorrow I will be attending a wedding of a friend of my lady's, so expect sucky blogging to ensue...not much different than the daily banter, right?

Here are your highlights:

Change we can believe in. The Affordable Healthcare Act beings today.

We are still at war. Dissent grows in Afghanistan

Weezer will play it's non-shitty stuff a couple of nights

Dems in disarray! Castle considering write-in for Delaware Senate race

FanVision, I am hoping the Skins sent me one as I requested one damnit!

The GOP has unveiled its "Pledge to America" it is the same policies as ever before. The pledge is tied to big business and fails to offer serious proposals to govern America in an effective way. The GOP essentially doesn't propose any new any ideas just the same bad ones.


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