Friday, September 24, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Love is in the air! Today I will be off the grid as two friends of my lady's will be taking the plunge, getting hitched, making the biggest mistake of their lives...just kidding. We are happy for them and are looking forward to the festivities, weather permitting. I am kind of excited because for the first time in a long time I can fit in my old RL suits. I will be sporting a similar look to this for those of you wondering. So that means probably after 12pm I will be off the grid, but I encourage nothing but RAGE PEOPLE! P.S. Go Skins!

Here are your highlights:

Tea Party Candidates Benefit from Stimulus & Federal Spending

What is the real cost? Of Cheap meats

GE CEO Blast U.S. Energy Policy

IT'S THE DEVIL! Bartender does a Rainbow pour

VA executes first woman since 2005

One of the benefits of my new phone is that I have the option to download a ton of sweet applications. My favorite of late is the NPR app as it gives instant access to news (not always fair & balanced, but better than most), interesting programs and the World Cafe. On my train ride back home yesterday I was able to listen to Mumford & Sons on the World Cafe. It was ideal and I highly recommend it. Speaking of NPR how cool is it that not only do they keep up with the times, they are kind of...hip.



Anonymous said...

whoa! you like the Skins? Man, you must be the only one I know who likes to suffer (along with me). Skins have been pretty sad for the last decade since Dan Snyder drove the proud franchise into the ground.

I've been around to see the glory days of the Skins. This is a transition year, but at least they're going in the right direction. For once, Snyder has turned it over to the pros to run the team.

8-8 if they're lucky, but I still think 6-10. But who knows? NFC East is looking crappy right now.

Asian-American Pundit said...

I am a longtime Skins fan! I am hoping for an 8-8 season, but you can never tell at this point in the game.

Thanks for stopping by!