Friday, September 10, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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It's Friday!!! Yes!! I know it was a short week for us Uhmerikans, however I injured my back on Monday and this week has been a long stretch of ughhhhhhh. So in the past three weeks I have been dealing with a swollen left knee and now a strained back. It is quite frustrating as it as stalled my workouts and knock my endorphins down. Hopefully this weekend I can play basketball...and get some sort of rebound (wooha pun intended). Football started last night and although the game began well it slowly began looking like most game one's, a little rusty. Congrats to the Saints though, the city deserves all that is happening with that football team. Redskins against Cowgirls Sunday Night. Time to Fight for Old DC!!!

Here are your highlights:

Judge rules "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Unconstitutional

Cool. Voltron USB actually assembles...ok not really, but still cool.

Megan McArdle wrong again. More importantly, she proves conservative policy wrong.

Mr. President, You're Next Speech Should Be In Nebraska

Tomorrow is 9/11. The Right will celebrate it. No really they will. While our discourse and our world seems to be permanently suspended in stupid . The best advice I have read for some time is: Nine Years After 9/11, Let's Stop Fulfilling Bin Laden's Goals.


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