Friday, September 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Short day and then Labor Day weekend! Hooray!! (insert loud clapping here) The lady and I will be hitting the crowded highways later this afternoon and trekking down to Central Illinois. I can't wait. The past week or so has been stressful for my lady and it will be nice for us to get a relaxing weekend. After work yesterday I made a stop to Bennison's Bakery in Evanston to bring home a treat. I had heard from Chicago Magazine that Bennison's has the best macaroons in town, so I thought a sampling plus a red velvet cupcake would brighten any girls day. Score one for Frank! The macaroons really are delicious especially the chocolate which crumbles at first bite and out comes a fantastic chocolaty ganache. Nom nom nom. Yes, I am taking some home to get brownies points with the in-laws. Hopefully everyone has a relaxing and fun filled Labor Day weekend, I will be on a boat!!

Here are your highlights:

The Employment Report
- still not too hot

Accident on set of Transformers 3

Welcome to the Neighborhood: Oregon family harassed for being Asian

Fire Alan Simspon already

This is creepier, Facebook "stalk me" feature in beta testing

Stephen Hawking thinks he is soooooo smart

The economy is not as bright as the "Recovery Summer" would like us to believe. I have been beating this dead horse to ashes, however the REAL STORY is quite clear. Something must be done. If the one thing the administration should have learned by now is parlaying to Republicans will be to NO avail. They are the Party of No and won't change till they get to throw a temper tantrum in Congress after November. The test is will the administration go big or send us into a 1937 redux...


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