Sunday, September 26, 2010

Forget It, Let God Sort Em' Out

Steve Benen:

Look, I'm glad Blue Dogs don't just want to cut taxes for the wealthy with more deficit financing, but their priorities don't make any sense. They want to cut spending (which improves the economy) in order to pay for breaks for the wealth (which doesn't improve the economy).

And not only does this fail as a policy matter, but Blue Dogs have managed to thread a political needle in a way that runs counter to public attitudes twice -- they're fighting for tax cuts for millionaires the public doesn't support, and they'll pay for it with cutting programs the public does support.

Kevin Drum asks
, "Are the Blue Dogs congenital morons?"

I'll assume that's a rhetorical question.

That's the inside-out-upside-down logic of the Blue Dog Democrats. I think it is safe to say at this point they should be called Wankstas. They don't really stand for anything, but the rich and corporations. It's just a group of Wankstas who get together, pat each other on the back and then do their best to screw over the American people. And despite what some write, I do think they are self-aware. They just don't give a shit about who or what they messup...hmm that reminds me of the opposition party. Maybe Wankstas is the wrong name for the Blue Dogs, perhaps we call them what they are; the Moderate Republicans. Yes, that sounds about right. Now where's God to sort out all these bodies? We cut funding to waste management...

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Batocchio said...

I'm sick of the Blue Dogs being called "moderates" or "centrists." They're conservatives. "Centrist" makes slighly more sense if it's a malleable midpoint, but the people who call the Blue Dogs "centrists" ignore how far right the GOP has become. On some issues (economic/fiscal), the Blue Dogs are more conservative than even Reagan was. Meanwhile, the real Reagan, lousy though he was for the country, would be too liberal for today's GOP.

None of this is a secret, either, and people paid to cover politics for a living should know it. but hey, they can't be bothered to point out how disastrous the Bush years were and why they were that way, so same old, same old.

Anonymous said...

I personally prefer to think of them as one of the ends of a Blue Dog--and I don't mean the front one....

Asian-American Pundit said...


I completely agree, hence the post. It is beyond frustrating the media's part in the misinformation campaign.

Reagan would have been ousted in a Primary this year, that's how bad it has gotten


LOL. So graphic, so true.