Monday, September 27, 2010

America the Huh?

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire with the "Polling Disconnect of the Day":

A new CNN poll finds a plurality of Americans believe Congressional Republicans have better solutions than Democrats to our economic mess, 47% to 41%.

However, Greg Sargent digs into the poll's internals and finds that more respondents blame those same Congressional Republicans for our current economic problems, 41% to 35%.

This says it all. Uhmerika the contradictory. When people say we are a "Center Right Nation" I am not sure the nation actually even knows what that means. I mean wtf is up with this polling? The Republican policies are to blame for our economic downfall everyone gets that, but those same people think the Republicans can fix it...(how bad has the Dems messaging been jeebus).

That's like saying "Well you messed it up, we trust you to reverse your mistakes." If those polled were paying any attention they would recognize the Republicans plan, make that pledge, is do keep on messing everything up. So perhaps there is no disconnect, the country really is hell bent on destroying itself! Hooray!

I get it now! Let's just ruin the nation and start over from scratch, I mean that works so well for other nations right? We could start by making everything private. Super private industry, schools, transportation, health services, the internet, urinals, parks, zoos, breathing, and why not? I mean it makes perfect sense. All we would have left after the bodies disperse is the very important serious people. People like Dick Cheney. Running about, shooting friends in the face because who needs law enforcement when you have the money and automatic machine guns? Man this sounds awesome. Our country is genius. Oh and no sex because sex makes the devil come through the teevee box waves. Uhmerika we can do this, just show up and vote GOP in November!

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