Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

We drank. We drank liberally. We even ate cupcakes. Drinking Liberally success! This week is half way through and I am psyched about it. Not that this week has been particularly bad per say, but it has been drab. I am hoping this weekend's Sox v Yankees game will provide more action. I am kind of out of it. So let's just do this shebang.

Here are your highlights:

Carter lands in N. Korea

Interesting new data. Birth rates fall in Illinois during the recession

Christian Extremists

The bonehead that is John Boehner is reflective of the GOP

Donovan McNabb is hurt...FML

Oh so surprising, the economy isn't doing better, it is barely surviving. If only we had a government that would learn from our past and DO SOMETHING.


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