Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Another Tuesday night at Sheffield's another fan fared evening at Drinking Liberally. Conclusion, get out a vote in November no matter how much Obama or Gibbs or the idea of Obama and Gibbs canoodling in an anti-professional left chuckling fest. It is time to look within and do what needs to be done. Win elections that matter. I am not sure if that is what everyone else took from last night's DL, (perhaps the fact that I was drinking water and they were drinking teh booze maybe they have a different take), but I am saying GET THE EFF OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND VOTE PEOPLE!!! LONG SENTENCES ROCK!! So yeah after reading the polling results it might just maybe be a bit of a Test Case.

Here are your highlights:

The billboard sign I wish I thought of

WTF is Aqua Buddha Rand Paul has gots some explainin to do

They won't stop till we are all dead

This is sad, but true. Everybody hates Liberals

Cakeball nom nom nom

Vietnam will have nothing on Afghanistan when it's all done, not but think again if you think we are... Leaving Afghanistan in 2011?


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