Thursday, August 12, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's not Friday! WTF? I feel like I wake up every single Thursday in this fashion; baffled that the week is not over. So what now? RAGE!! Well not really at this time I am feeling copacetic. Insanity is almost done, one more hell week and the lady and me are bbq this weekend. So that is fun. Not sure what else is going on as at this very moment I am drawing a blank. I had something to RAGE about, just ain't coming through the keyboard this morning sioejhgslehgiowHGOQWGQJIEOQJHEGS,MDNBVJLRW!!!!!!! There that's better!

Here are your highlights:

Tax Policies & Priorities. Anyone not paying attention, the GOP doesn't care about your plight.

Fox Nation too race baity for its own trolls

Chicago 5 year old killed by own twin

Way back when fighters like Chad Dawson would be as big as any of them

Blago Trial Hung?

The economy is getting better! Oh wait...

The disgusting and unconscionable writing of propagandist Jeffrey Goldberg


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