Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

What a night. Gaypocalypse has begun! Look out the gays are falling from the sky. Rainbows and glitter everywhere. Children listening to Elton John and Lady Gaga. The streets are clean. The streets are clear, someone do something! Okay so not so much. I just love the Prop 8 ruling as it is unequivocal with its reasoning. You can read the entire ruling here. In other news. CAPS LOCK. Last night was a fantastically liberal affair as the Accountants of Homeland Security rocked another show. It included laughter, songs and more hilarity. My favorite part of the evening was the Accountants take on trivia, "Bush or Palin" where contestants had to guess if the quote was either Bush, Palin or bullshit. Quite awesome.

Here are your highlights:

Franken goes to bat for Elizabeth Warren

November matters. From the Party of Bush to the Party of Jefferson Davis

CNN sucks

Sharron Angle No More Extreme than John McCain

LXD still going, still odd, still pretty cool

Unemployment report "unexpectedly high" I am sure this is just a bump in the road. Perhaps though, the administration and Congress could remove their thumbs from their asses and get proactive. Aw one can dream.


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