Monday, August 30, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

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The weekend has come and it has gone. And what an interesting weekend it was! Friday was a voiceover gig, followed by basketball on Saturday and then the Sox v. Yankees game. Sunday was a trip to the Trader Joe's then headshots. Yes new headshots. After Insanity I felt it was important to get fresh shots and thanks to a friend, they came out awesome. I am really excited for what is around the corner. In other news this weekend is Labor Day boating kickasstotallyrelaxdrinksomegintime and the lady and I are psyched. Needless to say I am hoping the week flies by.

Here are your highlights:

Five Dems who aren't Democrats at all - I do hope some of these Donkeys lose

Obama has to answer the dumbest questions

Congrats to Dawen

Here is what pisses me off

Krugman points the obvious, if the Republican take by the House...Obama better get ready for nothing but "catastrophe"

Tolerance. Arson at a Tennessee mosque site. Fear the Brown People has gone the violent route and I doubt any on the right will have enough character to denounce such acts of callous intimidation.


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