Monday, August 23, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

What a lovely weekend! The lady's folks came into town and we hung out with them pretty much the whole time including a trip to Cafe Bar Bar Reeba and Harry Caray's. Nom nom nom. Bar bar was fantastic as we tried out new dishes, downed Sangria and laughed while introducing her parents to Spanish tapas. It was hilarious to hear her mom react to specific dishes "Oh no I don't like that" and it was great to see how much they got into the entire experience. We will definitely be going again. Other than that on Sunday we were able to get up early and get in our grocery shopping. We have become pros at Trader Joe's making the trip quite enjoyable. Thanks to Insanity we know what to get and how much to get as well...more about Insanity later, however the lady broke her camera, so no pics (insert sigh of relief here).

Here are your highlights:

Losing faith in America's future

An answer to your transportation woes?

Goodbye Sweet Lou - the Hall of Fame awaits, thanks for the memories

This is an odd thing for CHEW readers, the FDA request more power to avoid outbreaks

Principled Leadership - a way to combat the Park51 "NO MOSQUES EVER" non-troversy

Heck yeah, Hawaii 5-effin-0

Chris Dodd's real legacy, Letting credit card companies rip off Americans nationwide

Shorter Mitch McConnell: Obama is a Christian, but his name is funny and he is black. So maybe he is not? What is harmless about that? The GOP's constant abiding of right wing extremism is unconscionable and disgusting. Someone needs to tell them and their rabid hatriots that we are nation of religious freedom not persecution.


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