Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The White House and Shirley Sherrod

Dear Barack Obama,

It's your White House and your administration and you should be embarrassed. Can you all do us a favor now and quit caving to every faux-controversy the right wing manufactures? We understand the media sucks and failed miserably in this case. It is, however worse to go along with it and lack complete barrs. If what Shirley Sherrod says turns out to be 100% true (which it certainly seems to be in this case) she should be given the job of the asshole who forced her to resign and get a huge apology with a bow on it.

I will now hit my head on my desk repeatedly until it turns red. This is that fucking stupid. Andrew Breitbart is an idiot, why do we have to explain this? And Eric Holder was right, Uhmerika is a bunch of cowards in regard to race. Case in point.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message


Ebony Goddess said...

Dear Mr. Chow
I agree. Obama needs a cup of water and a slap in the face so he can figure out how to alleviate this haze that is blocking him from the change he promised this country and his supports.

P.S. it is a pretty damn shame how they did this woman. I’m starting to feel a bit jaded as a result of this administration impotence. But then again, who can we trust as a nation to actually bring about real social and economic change? It seems American has been going downhill since the Reagan days. (P.S.-Did you know that they will actually be celebrating Ronald Reagan Day in California starting Feb 6 of next year? Damn shame if you ask me.)

Paddy K said...

I just watched the Rachel Maddow segment on this topic this morning. I almost spit out my coffee. It's just ridiculous.

Paddy K said...

It was an experiment in media and editing. When the segment first came on Grace said, "That woman's a racist!" When Maddow played the full clip and then showed the clip of the old couple who Sherrod helped, Grace said, "Oh, now that's just ridiculous." Editing and reporting MATTERS.