Monday, July 19, 2010

When Extreme is Too Extreme


The bottom line is that you can't promote extremism and hope to control it when it comes to power. That's why it's wrong for Mississippi politicians to go to CCC rallies and that's why it's wrong to play footsie with the Tea Party. The mainstream Republican Party has been atrociously bad for a long time, but the party that shut down the government and impeached Clinton morphed into the party that knew no fiscal discipline and couldn't call torture by its true name. As bad as those versions of the party were, they were child's play compared to what's emerging out of the Republican base today. The party is getting Palinized and if we're not good at combating them, the whole country is going to get Palinized. At least Trent Lott agrees with me that that won't be good for anyone.

I doubt at this point there is any turning back. The Tea Party as far as I can tell IS the Republican Party. Obama is the anti-Christ and the NAACP is a racist organization. It is only a matter of time before the few "rational" people remaining within the conservative ranks abandon ship or follow suit. Then we can all party like it's the 1950's and go back to the good old days when drinking from separate water fountains was all the rage.

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Update: DougJ at Balloon Juice has more

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