Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Last night was a great time. The Drinking Liberally folks came out to meet and hang out with Justin Krebs co-founder of Living Liberally. Krebs gave a short speech while explaining the inspiration for his book "538 Ways to Live, Work and Play like a Liberal." It was nice to hear how the organization began and what it inspires across cities large and small in our country. The overall feeling was that the DL is only getting stronger. It was nice to see the old gang as well. I hadn't been to DL since I began Insanity, so we caught up on things and mostly just joshed around. Little fire breathing even more less rage. Laughing Liberally is a week away. I will be in attendance, so for those of you who don't know it will be at the No Exit Cafe August 4th, show starts at 8pm and is FREE!

Here are your highlights:

Anti-Gay Bigots and the Killing of Teh Gay

Douchebag alert: Jeffrey Lord "Just Can't Shut Up"

Blago trail wraps up, the man is doomed

I told you it was healthy. Booze may help fight arthritis!

Elizabeth Warren is what America needs

Arizona Cowboy Joe Arpaio will arrest protesters of the Arizona Immigration law

The irresponsible "leaders" of the American right-wing are fueling Islamophobia. It is a disgusting display of Fear the Brown People at its most basest form.


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